Melissa Taylor will fight to give you a fair chance

Melissa will fight to make sure everyone working for a wage, freelancing or running a small business can afford to raise a family and no one gets left behind.

We Can't Wait

We cannot afford to wait for long overdue progress on solving our housing crisis, funding programs that will create true public safety, and reforming our tax code that burdens those who can least afford it.

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Time for Action

“After years spent working in public and private institutions and building grassroots coalitions from the ground up, I know how to bring people together to solve tough problems,” said Taylor. “I grew up in this city, I’m raising my family here, and I’m done waiting for others to deliver on the promises of a safe, fair, and thriving community that my neighbors and I know is possible.” -Melissa Taylor

Meet Melissa

In everything she does, Melissa Taylor is a champion for people and the issues that allow us all to thrive. As a mom, a small business owner, a healthcare expert, and a community leader, Melissa has dedicated herself to fighting for everyone to have a fair chance at building the future they want. 

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